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Discover Cyberpong: Official Launch & Introduction of the ‘Inner-Circle’

This pandemic sucks, and for many of us, we’re just looking to escape the boredom and suffocating confines of our dwellings. It’s time to (virtually) return to the good ole days in a way that is modern and futuristic.

Dare to Try — It’s Real!

If the pandemic blues have gotten you down, you are not alone. What we thought of as the simple pleasures of socializing, going out with the fellas, and getting into some naughty (but safe) fun seems to have become pastimes of a bygone era. This ‘New Normal’ may be necessary, but boy has it made some lives less colorful and devoid of “sensations” — the good AND the bad.

What if somehow you were able to not only revisit your favorite locations around the world like Bangkok, Berlin, Tokyo, and other primate cities, but re-experience its joys (or horrors) and also play a stake in redefining its bright, neon red-light future? Well, that is exactly what Cyberpong sets out to do in the virtual realm.

While we can’t say for sure when you’ll be able to make your next trip to Magic City, Black Pagoda or BarBar, our platform allows you to experience these clubs in a new, raw experience. Cyberpong is opening up the gates of the Metaverse and will be taking in users to play vital roles of its Inner Circle. If you reminisce about taking trips down to your favorite nightlife areas, or haven’t yet had the opportunity to discover your favorite citie’s hidden gems, trust us — this will be an eye-opener for everyone from all around the world.

What & where is Cyberpong?

Cyberpong is providing an immersive online world that gives users from all walks of life the opportunity to experience adult entertainment and adventures on a whole new level. Those of you who miss having a night out in a cosmopolitan city with the gang (or those who prefer solo missions) will be able to relive the sights and sounds of world famous premier adult entertainment meccas worldwide. With locations such as pubs, gogo bars, fetish clubs, and even museums open for your virtual patronage, the world is what you make of it. Think of Cyberpong as an immersive adult playground community that features a game-like navigation platform that merges life-like, euphoric scenarios with true, live, and interactive content that cannot be matched by other adult entertainment platforms.

First, theCyberpong world features an interactive map that allows users to navigate through unique virtual lounges that replicate existing bars and clubs around Bangkok. Unlike other platforms, Cyberpong players are able to interact with live-streamers and even play a role in the live shows, or if they please, enjoy pre-recorded content broadcasted on virtual screens amidst a real and raw environment.

The Metaverse’s ecosystem will feature its own in-game currency and micropayment system to buy items, purchase land, make payments at venues, spend on additional features, or even tip their favorite performer. Cyberpong members may also customize their in-game avatar in terms or looks, feel, and much, much more.

As the Metaverse undergoes development, it will eventually allow users around the world to establish their own virtual venues and host a variety of parties or personal shows to their liking. Having content creators from around the world, Cyberpong will feature unique streams broadcasted across 24 timezones, including that of Bangkok, Berlin, San Francisco, and even Rio de Janeiro. Regardless of whether you’re into the weird, naughty, or straight-up nasty, chances are, there will be a stream for it.

Just like the real deal in your city, there’s something for everyone!

Cyberpong NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Those interested in participating in Cyberpong will be required to hold special access-card NFTs, minted on the Polygon blockchain, in their in-game wallet and will double as login credentials. All first, second, and third edition NFT holders will be granted lifetime access to the Cyberpong Metaverse as part of the platform’s Inner Circle and will likewise have the right to cast votes for major developmental decisions such as in-game dynamics, proposed rules and regulations, and, most importantly, approving new members. Those who choose to no longer participate in the ecosystem can gift or sell their membership via peer2peer or on any open marketplace that allows the sale of NFTs. A limited run of 6,106 NFT access-cards will be available to the public for a short period of time. After the said amount has been minted, there will no longer be any further deployment of these NFTs used to access the Metaverse.

‘A-Day’ (Alpha Day) marks when Cyberpong opens the gates to new members who are not part of the Inner Circle, while ‘Omega Day‘ is when Cyberpong closes applications in a bid to prevent overpopulation and all the drama that comes with it. This way, the game’s environment and general environment will be maintained in such a way that is comfortable for everyone. Unless they purchase an access card from an Inner Circle member, new users will not be able to avail the privileges of an Inner Circle member, though they will be able to participate in the metaverse on a monthly subscription basis at a later date.

On top of these privileges, each NFT held by Inner Circle members represents a unique digital artwork or collectible. Inner Circle members will be able to identify themselves through the NFT when taking part in real life venues or events. In short, all 6,106 unique access cards represent their mark not just on the virtual entertainment realm, but also on the physical.

An NFT holder reaps an array of benefits including (but are very much not limited to):

  • Transferable ownership within the Cyberpong Metaverse
  • The right to enjoy a vast number of privileges including (again, not limited to):
  • Early sign ups to events & new worlds
  • In-game discounts
  • VIP access to talents
  • Live access across 24 different time zones including Berlin, Tokyo, New York, etc
  • Establish governance regarding the developments of in-game dynamics and concepts such as (again, not limited to):
  • The option to vote & veto proposed in-game rules & regulations
  • Approval to open the gates for new members
  • Complimentary VIP access inside real-world venues featured in Cyberpong
  • Interaction with world-famous red-light icons and like-minded individuals.

This is your open invitation to Cyberpong’s Inner Circle

If you’re looking to reimagine your neon glory days like most tourists, veterans, and adult entertainment connoisseurs, then this is your chance to do so. This is also your chance to relish in the futuristic interpretation of Bangkok’s adult entertainment gem and make it greater than you remember it (alongside additional cities to be created as we move forward). As gaming and online entertainment soar to all time highs, this disruptive world aims to set the bar (pun intended) for what’s to come in the future of these industries.

At first, we recommend reading through our whitepaper to help develop an understanding of the platform and the mechanics behind it. This document will contain important information you must know and understand before participating in the platform.

Once that is done and dusted, you can then proceed to whitelisting your position for a chance to obtain a Cyberpong NFT. To whitelist, you must fill out this Google Form and follow the instructions it gives you at the very beginning. Becoming a part of the Inner Circle is no joke and this is the opportunity to take pursuit in changing the world of online entertainment, one city at a time.

While you may not be able to physically live out the cheeky and titillatingly fun activities your city has to offer right now, you and other like-minded individuals can help create a virtual replica of your favorite city (re: Cyberpong) to fill that frustratingly empty and sobering void…or anything else you’d like it to.


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Whitepaper: Google Slideshow

Pitch Deck: Google Slideshow

Whitelist for the NFT Sale: Google Form

Should you have any queries or concerns, please send an email to and a team member will revert back as soon as possible.

Cyberpong creates a scalable, online red-light district experience for creative and interactive adult content, presented in a guided, gamified metaverse. #NFT